Lake Toba

Sat, 2012-10-20 14:06
18. October 2012
Can you imagine a volcanic eruption that left a crater eighty kilometres wide? It happened here, on Lake Toba, approximately 75.000 years ago. Scientists have estimated that the global climate sank by 15 degrees Celsius, a nuclear winter that nearly killed the newcomers in the tree of life, the early humanoid forms.
Having mapped the genetic structure of today’s 7 billion people some scientists claim that we all root back to a very small group of ancestors, maybe just a few handful of individuals, and they believe that the global aftermath of the Toba Lake was responsible for reducing the human species to near extinction.
Being all descendants of the same family, and all threatened by the next catastrophic event we should treat each other with more respect, but both our far-away history and –hopefully- far away future is probably to far away from today’s struggles and sorrow.