Altitude 1275

Sun, 2010-09-19 17:24
02. April 2010
Two days of rain, and new snow in the mountains. Down in the valley the meadows are green, and flowers cautiously stick out their little heads to taste the fresh spring air.
On the way uphill small white patches appear, little areas where winter cold fights a losing battle against the warm spring sun, growing larger with every meter of altitude. The temperature drops noticeably as we continue our climb.
At 1.200 meters the ground is still covered with thick melting snow, and while the sound water drops fills the air we get stuck on the icy way. A split second the car slides on the icy ground, hardly a meter from a four-hundred meter abyss, and my heart misses a few beats. But then the tires get grip again, and we turn back to the warmth of the valley floor.


45° 48' 45.0504" N, 10° 40' 35.094" E