Merry Christmas to all out there!

Fri, 2010-12-24 13:12
24. December 2010
The old year slowly comes to an end, and the world sinks down under a thick white blanket of snow. Christmas is near.

The cities are crowded with shoppers, everybody looks forward to a few days of holidays, good food and family meetings. The churches are full, and donations high.

Many think Christmas is about giving presents to others, and happy retailers announce increased sales figures this year, despite the economic turbulences. But in our affluent society I can afford to buy most of the things I want, and that may spare me some minor disappointments. Getting presents for me is not so much about receiving material goods, but the thought behind it - I have thought of you, I like you and I am expressing this with a present. I am very happy for every small present or greeting I received, because somebody has thought of me and I am not alone.

Many people go to church this evening, for some the only time every year - an annual ritual after the feast and unwrapping. The clerical rituals must have impressed and touched people for centuries - the gaudiness, the gold, the music, the spices, the mysteries. Today music surrounds us nearly every hour, fragrances infuse our homes, and mysteries are brought to us by television. We are heart-touched by movies and songs, and some of them have become part of our annual ritual now.

For all the other symbols of Christmas, red-frocked Santa, religious rites, food, drink, candles, cinnamon, gingerbread, hot wine - they have just been invented to make this a special event, and it’s up to everybody to decide what to take out of this potpourri. The full set is OK, as is nothing of all of this. But Christmas is the time of love and pardon, so the decision on how to spend the days should be a shared one. Just so that these dark, cold and snowy days are filled with a little warmth and light, to give us the strength to carry on until the warm breezes of spring.

Have a very happy, warm and harmonic time, I am with you in my thoughts.

Merry Christmas to all of you!


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