Sat, 2010-09-25 13:38
26. June 2010
This place was a shallow sea 150 Million years ago, and the bones of fish and dinosaurs formed limestone layers.
Later the land was lifted above sea, and finally the river Danube created its bed here, carving out a valley with walls up to 80 meters high. At it’s most narrow place the width of the stream is only 110 meters, but the water masses passing this place created a bed 20 meters deep. The Roman legionaries whose limes border ended here, crossed the stream here using a leather draw bridge.
The area has been put under protection by king Ludwig I. in 1840, who also build the liberty hall towering over the river valley at Kelheim. Today the area is a natural reserve, but a ship line runs on the 5,5 kilometer distance between Kelheim and the Weltenburg monastery.


48° 53' 57.8364" N, 11° 49' 17.4144" E