Floreana Sunrise

Sat, 2011-07-16 20:20
14. July 2011
It’s a quarter past five in the morning; outside pitch-black. Quickly dressed I start my hike with the dim light of a head lamp.
The first part is easy, only the stones on the path to look out for. Then the rocks on the beach, slippery from the high tide. Finally the climb to the look-out. Tripod and camera setup, then photographers favourite – waiting for the right light.
The light grows; the first clouds start to glow red, then bright yellow. My calculator tells me the exact time of the sunrise: two minutes after six. But shortly before six dark clouds appear; should this morning’s early rise be wasted? At half past six, finally, the golden flow of the first daylight. A good way to start the day.


Floreana Island
1° 19' 5.6748" S, 90° 25' 2.928" W