Living on an island

Mon, 2011-07-18 07:09
17. July 2011
A dusty unpaved main street, a few shops and restaurants with dusty plastic chairs and rusty tin roofs. A few battered pickup trucks or motor bikes; chicken cross the street in a neat row.
Two boys, seven or eight, carry a big iron gas grill and a stack of Styrofoam lunch boxes. Everybody is in business. The village’s main store, a room stuffed with tins, toys, soft drinks in plastic gallon containers, beer crates, clothes, building supplies. The hospital and pharmacy are closed; nobody knows when they will open. Many islanders are obese; easy availability of high calorie food is one virtue of civilization.
At the harbour – the bi-weekly supply ship has arrived. The shallow water requires all freight to be landed in small crafts. On the dock building timber and cement sacks are piled next to yellow soft drink crates and a cargo of beds and mattresses; exotically wrapped packages are stocked next to the gangway. Men in dirty shirts are bustling around, carrying goods to waiting pickups, the mattress has an encounter with the cement and the steel rods are in everybody’s way. You must not be nitpicking if you live on an island.


Isla Isabela, Galapagos Islands
0° 57' 32.6232" S, 90° 55' 2.4888" W