Galapagos - San Christobal

Tue, 2011-07-12 15:37
11. July 2011
We travel to the east of San Christobal on the only paved, potholed road; lined by small farms where peasants grow bananas, coffee and papayas.
While climbing into the highlands we see the vegetation change, from the arid zone with its leafless balsam trees and cactuses to the humid misty highlands with its lush moss-covered trees. The ground is covered with large rocks, bombs ejected by a volcano in a long-ago eruption. This is where the giant turtles live. They force their clumsy bodies through the dense vegetation and gather where rainwater has filled small ponds. Once an estimated hundred thousand their numbers have been severely decimated by the human influence.
Perfectly adapted to the different ecosystems on each islands they have split in different species with different forms of their humps; another of Charles Darwin’s puzzle pieces. Later we drive down to the sea, to a beach empty of humans, where the black sea lizards live on large dark basaltic rocks, rounded by the sea and the ages. Rolling bluegreen waves, five meters high, come in and break at the shore with loud thunder.


San Christobal, Galapagos Islands
0° 54' 42.5772" S, 89° 31' 59.0916" W