A grey day

Wed, 2011-07-20 16:25
20. July 2011
A grey day; the sun hides behind the clouds most of the time; occasionally it breaks through for a moment, to look if we are still here.
A bumpy rollercoaster ride from Isabela to Santa Cruz, the little boat dances between the waves; the captain is doing his best but the boat hits the waves hard. I can feel the movements even ours after we have happily embarked in Punto Ayoras. With about 18.000 inhabitants it is the largest town on the archipelago, the bay full of cruise ships, sailboats; water taxis shuffling back and forth between them, leaving behind blue tails of two-stroke smoke. The harbour is lively, open shops, cars, people. A burden to the sensible ecology of the islands.
Half an hour walk to Tortuga Bay, supposedly one of the world’s most beautiful beaches (but not without sun). A wide sweep of white sand, emerald water, black stones. At the end of the sand, where the mangroves and rocks begin, marine iguanas have huddled to large groups; probably they don’t like the cold either. Between the sea and a lagoon a huge forest of cactuses; with trunks large, hard and barky as trees a strange and fascinating sight.


Galapagos Islands
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