Santa Cruz highlands

Fri, 2011-07-22 01:38
20. July 2011
We go north; the rain gets stronger as we climb uphill to the highlands. Plants everywhere, in every shade of green, everything is damp and wet.
Santa Cruz has, like all islands of the archipelago, volcanic origins; it’s young in geological terms. Magma has formed the surface and the world below. Subterranean volcanic gas eruptions have created huge caverns; where the surface has collapsed large and deep craters have formed. The ground is covered with lava, now eroded and broken into small stones; a fertile ground for the rich vegetation.

The cool and damp climate of the highlands is the preferred climate of the largest turtle species; the lush vegetation provides enough food for them. But outside the park borders they have to share their grounds with cattle and humans, dogs, pigs and rats; their nests are trampled on, their eggs and babies are eaten, fences cut through their traditional paths.

Without our help their chances for survival are not good


Santa Cruz
0° 39' 42.8832" S, 90° 19' 27.7356" W