Fri, 2010-09-03 15:25
30. March 2010
A blue-gray-orange sky over steely water, a cool breeze pushes the waves. Mist is hanging in the air, and a few dispersed raindrops hit the pavement, creating little wet dots.
The café chairs are empty, and the waiters huddle inside, engaged in a slow discussion on family matters. In the corner a lonely TV set shows the latest world news, but nobody bothers to listen, and a few guests while away the time with a round of billiard.
The promenade outside, crowded with tourists in the summer, is empty. Only a flock of little birds circles the tables, searching the empty cups of guests long gone for some leftovers. A pair of ducks crosses the street, engaged in their own business. We expect rain later today.


45° 37' 3.1224" N, 10° 33' 32.3964" E