Geyser Andernach

Fri, 2010-09-03 19:07
13. June 2010
This one is different - it's driven by carbon dioxide instead of volcanic heat, and it's cold.
The Eifel is an active volcanic area, with magma chambers approximately four kilometers below the surface. Facilitated by the enormous pressure of these depths the carbon-dioxide dissolves in ground water and raises through the earth. Here in Andernach, in a depth of 350 meters, the saturated water is collected in a well.
While the well fills the weight of the water column creates high pressure at the lower end, and the carbon dioxide separates, creating large bubbles. Once the gas pressure gets too high the complete water column is ejected, generating the worlds largest cold water geyser.


50° 26' 42.7452" N, 7° 23' 19.3668" E