I am the night

Sat, 2011-01-22 18:03
22. January 2011

I am the Night.

I glide in with gentle steps and cover everything with my black wings. People hold their lights against me and cling to the day but I laugh at them... 
I am the Night.
I light up the streets and decorate the houses with colorful neon. I borrow these colors because I don't have any. With them I paint pulsating, ephemeral pictures on my black canvas.


I am the Night.
I make life heavy, slow and tired. My brother, the sleep, comes to the living and refreshes them. Their eyes close and darkness surrounds everything.


I am the Night.
I have a heart for the lonely and deformed, give them a little peace and freedom. With my darkness I protect the good and the evil. I do not judge.


I am the Night.
A few hours, and finally life comes to a rest. A moment everything is totally calm, totally silent.

I am the Day
Then movement again. The birds announce dawn with their songs. The first humans appear on the streets, to busy and tired to appreciate the wonder of the new morning. Slowly the day starts to go on.


I am the Night.
You cannot expel me.
I come back.


48° 50' 59.1936" N, 2° 21' 23.6412" E