London Nights

Wed, 2010-10-13 22:55
13. October 2010
Was it real, or a bad dream? I was walking the London cobbles, in a dark and blue night...
Cold winds came creeping up the river from the black, icy North Sea, and the poor people on the rusty ships in the harbor or in the clammy the basement holes were moving even closer together to preserve what was left of their little warmth. Rain was falling, thick heavy drops that would soak a coat within minutes.
All the nasty, creepy figures that had lived here, in fiction or reality, sprang to my mind while I was trying to make my way cross Westminster - mysterious murderers, sly thieves, heartless wizards, cold and cruel bohemians, plague-ridden beggars. I could feel their presence, their cold, crawling on my back.


United Kingdom
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