Thunder in the mountains

Sun, 2010-09-19 17:27
31. March 2010
Suddenly, at 750 meters, dark clouds appear behind the mountaintop. A shadow appears on the slopes and slowly creeps towards us. The temperature drops, and light rain starts to drizzle.
We stop under a tree and discuss: shall we return to the base camp? But the rain stops after some minutes, the sun comes out again, and we decide to move on – a bad mistake… On 875 meters again dark clouds appear behind the ridge, and this time they are much darker, and before we can even think about turning back suddenly a lightning flashes, and immediately after thunder rolls along the valley, its crash intensified by the echoes from the steep mountainside. Rain starts to fall, heavy drops that quickly turn into hail.
Water starts to flow down the rough road, between the large cobblestones, making the way slippery. We turn back immediately, but can descend only very carefully. Cold water runs down our necks, and our soaked coats become heavier and heavier. Wet and frozen to the bone we reach the first houses an hour later.


45° 49' 51.7512" N, 10° 46' 40.7064" E